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Integrating West and East.

Highly personalized spiritual meditation guidance.

“Dana Williams is a wise and intuitive hypnotherapist and meditation guide. Her presence is calm and focused. She has an amazing capacity to listen and observe, and to guide you to seeing and knowing yourself more clearly.  If you have a chance to work with her, consider yourself very fortunate.” – Rhione Z.

“Dana’s book enlightened me to a new way of praying that melded my chakra balancing practice with my Catholic upbringing. It has brought me much peace and contentment.
The explanations and descriptions are simple and easy to understand while giving a solid basis for the union of eastern knowledge and Christianity.” Leonie B.

Personalized, One-on-One Instruction

Getting out of your head, and into your experience

Beginners – and even advanced – meditators often get stuck in their heads and are unable to stop the thoughts or have an embodied experience of stillness. One or two private sessions will teach you how to get unstuck and build the foundation for a firm meditation practice.

Emotional Processing while cultivating Stillness

My teacher taught that when we reach a degree of stillness, and a sense of light and balance, the contents of the subconscious mind take the opportunity to push their way into the conscious mind, where they hope for integration and resolution. This is where many meditators get derailed, as they see the appearance of these “difficult thoughts, emotions and memories” as interfering with the goal of meditation, and push the contents back down instead of allowing them to arise and be softened, illuminated, relieved and integrated by the supra-conscious mind which is active during stillness-based meditation. I can help you learn how to do this. 

Cultivating Embodied Deep Stillness

Each of our bodies is unique, yet each body carries the imprint of the Creator: the energy of life itself in every cell and every system. When we attune ourselves to that energy using imaginal and sensorial experience, the body’s aliveness reveals a core calm and stillness that we now have accessed as a place to return to, and from which we can begin a deeper meditative journey.

The Lord's Prayer through the Chakras

This prayer meditation was revealed to me when I was 17-years-old and had just begun my meditation studies with Joe Kopersky, who referenced the Bible and the Christian faith in his aura-expanding and chakra-charging Rose Way Meditation. When I explained my thoughts to Joe, he agreed with my discover, but said he did not believe that most of his students would be able to grasp the metaphoric and energetic connections that I described. Thirty-five years later, I was able to describe those associations and communicate a lifetime’s quintessential exploration in my book The Lord’s Prayer, the Seven Chakras, the Twelve Life Paths. If you are developing this prayer practice and would like me to guide you or to help you deepen into the prayer meditation, we can meet for a one-on-one session.

The RoseWay Meditation

In 2013, I began feeling the inner urging to write down Joe Kopersky’s meditation form that he channeled from his ascended master, Lu Sen. This meditation opens both the psychic and spiritual senses, making accessible to us the ability to sense and communicate and express spiritual healing energies and wisdom. I describe the process of writing this book along with the meditation process and all of its steps in my book, Through the Doors of Perception to Heaven with the Rose Way Meditation. In the Rose Way Meditation, the Doors of Perception are accessed, trained and developed: the muscle of the mind that sees, hears, senses and is aware of that which is invisible and indiscernible to the five senses. This meditation form, developed in the 1960s, was taught to me in the early 1970s. I was 17 when I began. As I recall, most of the class members were middle-aged or elderly persons, and they were quite grounded. For them, practicing a form of meditation that opens up the sheathes of the aura and expands the upper chakras so that higher energies can be more easily experienced was a positive, opening and balancing experience. Today however, few of us are well grounded. I therefore first emphasize forms of meditation and healing that lead to a grounded embodied experience and presence. For meditators who have practiced the Rose Way Meditation and are able to stay grounded, I will work with you in developing this meditation form. It is perhaps an important and ancient form of meditation. It reaffirms our spiritual origins, creativity and the potential of conscious beings. 

RoseWay Meditation – An Atlantean meditation form, received by Joe Koperski in the 1960s, released to the public by Dana Williams.

The RoseWay Meditation teaches a form of psychic interpenetration of the Cosmic Energy Spheres that surround the Earth.

Pandemic - Beauty - Prayer - Poem

In these times, we become aware that the darkness is more dense and more deceptive than we’ve consciously experienced before. Apparently, those who know the hard facts believe they must hold them back, whether because they themselves can not face them, or because they believe that we cannot face them, or both. The darkness of enforced ignorance, or willful ignorance, and of designed deception is one of the greatest downfalls of modern humanity. On the one hand, we have a disease let loose from…

Our Atlantis Challenge

We stand at the end of the age. Before us lies a dark time–for humanity, for the planet. But beyond that is a new beginning about which we now have an intuitive understanding. How do we stay strong and mentally prepared – ?

Atlantis fell, according to the clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, after their genetically altered creations and their energy power systems turned disastrous . . .

    Green corresponds to the Heart Chakra

    Imagine, if you have the scintillating feeling of green heart energy flowing throughout your body and mind, and can feel a calm, cleansing rush of pure life force in every cell. This is an example of the kind of experience that my clients have in spiritual hypnosis. It is a deep sense of coming back to oneself, . . .


    Some of my Recommended Teachers


    I was guided to wonderful teachers long before the Internet. Today, we are inundated by online spiritual teachers, mindset teachers, and health experts. While not discounting the value of any one teacher, I would like to share the teachers who are in line with the truths that I have evaluated and practiced in my life.

    Gigi Young

    Gigi Young–Although known as a psychic, Gigi’s work in psychic areas is not why I recommend her work. Gigi has a foundational knowledge of western historic occult knowledge, including Rudolf Steiner’s work and Edgar Cayce. She is intuitive, perceptive, and in touch with the spiritual and political concerns of today. She is a true teacher. I wish her a blessed path.


    Sadguru — A true embodiment of the yogic state of enlightenment–pure spiritual consciousness while also maintaining his existence in a body for the sake of his students and that of life on earth. The path of the yogi is a different path than that of western occultism, its roots are older. Sadguru is the guru of the times; exemplifying the enlightened state while working for the preservation of the planet.

    Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell — The penultimate enlightened nerd, a physicist who explored the universe in a series of out-of-body science experiments with Robert Monroe, and developed a Theory of Everything based on his experience that the foundation of the universe is consciousness, and the quality of consciousness is love. He has attained a sustained state of bliss. For those who like an emotionally flatter conversation and the idea of the universe as simulation.

    An Amazon Review: For me, I am a newbie to the Chakras and have much to learn. So I bought this book and another couple of Kindle books regarding Chakras–THIS IS THE BEST one that I found because it uses The Lord’s Prayer as a guide as how to follow and balance the Chakras! Since I have been praying the prayer The Lord’s Prayer since I was a small child and love to pray this prayer, now it means so much more to me than ever before. What a beautiful and instructional way to follow The Lord’s Prayer for the Chakras and more as shown in this book. And I have found that after reading this book I am understanding the Chakras in a way I can understand and also see The Lord’s Prayer with even more reverence.

    An Amazon Review: If you are looking for a new and refreshing way to quickly make contact with your guides, increase your understanding of your spirituality and the spirit realm, or if you are new to the world of meditation, I highly recommend this priceless little book. Although I have read through all parts of this book, at least once, I am hardly through with this book. Dana Williams gradually teaches you all the parts of the Rose Way Meditation as she explains facets of spirituality so that by the time you complete the book, you have practiced each part several times, and are ready to begin your spiritual journey, having met your guides and gained knowledge about your spiritual self. It does require some focus and practice, but this method is well worth the effort, from grounding to charging and closing the chakras, it is well written and easy to understand, without being over-simplistic. One of the best books I have read on meditation.

    With this Journal, the many steps of the Rose Way Meditation are easily mastered, while chronicling one’s process and journey. The author of “The Lord’s Prayer, The Seven Chakras, The Twelve Life Paths,” and of “The Rose Way Meditation,” provides practitioners with a detailed step-by-step study guide and personalized journal.