About Me, Dana Williams

From childhood on, I have had intuitive experiences and contacts with the “other side.” My “dreaminess” was not appreciated in my atheistic family and for a few years, finding my path was a struggle. Once I determined to put myself into God’s hands, doors began to open. 

I was 17 when I met my boyfriend, a gifted psychic in a hereditary line of psychics. Through him, I came to study with Joe Koperski, the teacher of the Rose Way Meditation.

If you are thinking of studying with me, I recommend that you first read my two books: The Lord’s Prayer through the Seven Chakras and the Twelve Life Paths, and The Rose Way Meditation

My boyfriend and I moved to Europe when I was 19. We studied music at the academy in Basel. At the same time, I began to teach the Rose Way Meditation, including paranormal experiences, through the parapsychological society in Basel, Switzerland. Three years later, I taught the same class in Freiburg, Germany, in the private home of Professor Hans Bender of the Parapsychological Institute. For several months when I was 23 years old, his aged sister gave me daily, personal training in Zen meditation and eurythmic bodywork.

I truly felt guided. I was meeting extraordinary people. Finally–while hitchhiking in Germany, I met a student of Hugo Maier, a Guru in the lineage of the great Tamil Saint Ramana Maharshi. We connected when I was 25 and for the next eight years, I had the honor of being in his presence and receiving his teaching and meditation guidance.

As a young-20s in Europe, I had the honor of learning about Jungian psychology, Anthroposophy, yoga and herbology, through the people I met and studied with. But my two main teachers were Joe and Hugo.

Now, Joe taught me a form of spiritual-psychic meditation which included astrology, numerology lucid dreaming, spiritual guides, past life memories, energetic levels, channeling, healings, readings, and intuitive knowings.

Hugo Maier taught the opposite: a non-dualistic meditation and spiritual philosophy in which dreams, guides, and lives past and future are all part of the illusion that dissolves into Self when our little ego-Self fully dissolves into Self.

For several years, I felt conflicted by the two directions. Their goals seemed opposite, yet each also has its value. Slowly though, the tension I felt between the two directions resolved. I no longer felt torn in two directions.

In 2013, I studied and certified in spiritual hypnotherapy with Rochelle Jaffe in Ashland, Oregon.

Her teaching formed a bridge between dualism and non-dualism, a bridge between the ego-Self, unconscious and supra-conscious minds. I learned what it means to have an embodied, conscious experience while at the same time to know oneself in a kind of illusion or creation of mind. I learned how to guide a student into the various states and to bring them the kinds of understandings that I have had the honor to experience both with Hugo and Joe.

Since 2013, I have been practicing hypnotherapy as an adjunct to spiritual training and experiencing.

I am not looking for students. I am open however if someone feels guided to study with me, and will make the special time and space for that to happen. Fees are on a sliding scale.


Before we expand the awareness toward the upper chakras, we become grounded in the deep quietude found in the connection to the body – to the very energy of the Creator that resides deep in the body.

Deepen into Stillness

Here we begin to expand our awareness into energy states and resources, and witness the transformation of our “stuck states” (trauma, compressed pain) into fluid energy. We begin to become clear about who we are, why we are here, and continue deepening into quietude.

The RoseWay

Here we work with the structures of the chakra system, develop and strengthen the structures, learn how to expand and open, to ascend, and to bring incredible states back down into the physical system. This ancient meditation practice is guided once a month initially, with the regularly participating students.