About Joe Koperski

An Interview with Joe Koperski

You may be interested to meet Joe Koperski in this interview from the book The Psychic World of California by David St. Clair, published in 1972.

David St. Clair writes:

Joe is a large man with a soft voice who is somewhere in his late forties. He was in WWII and came to the area in 1951 to get into television. Not as an actor, but as a technician. But he became a medium because several other mediums pointed out his great potential.

“When I started in this field I wanted to be a very good medium and work the various occult arts to help people. Not as a mind reader but as a clairvoyant. The whole pattern has changed so much with me that I am just a channel now.

“I gave up this field three times. The first time I wanted fame and money. This was what I was asking for and I was stopped. Then I got into an emotional pattern with it and had to stop. Then I got into being just a puppet. When that happened, I said, No more, I’ve had it.

“Then on Easter Sunday, 1968, I was doing a few last astrological charts when Lu Sen came into me. He said he wanted to work through me. I told him if I could be of service that my door would always be open. The following Monday I opened the door and it hasn’t closed yet.”

“Who is Lu Sen?” I asked.

“My guide, or actually my Master Teacher. He was a Chinese back in the sixth century in his last earthly life. I also have another teacher named Donka who comes through on the healing pattern, but Lu Sen taught me how to heal before Donka was introduced. When either of them come in, I go into trance.  The teachings they have brought to me are fused now. Their energy and mine are in a fused condition. I can call on either of them anytime I want them and we are one.”

Several high teachers come through Joe Koperski, as several hundred of his clients will attest. All of them have their own names and personalities and each of them vibrates him to their own special frequency. Recently, several new and even higher teachers have come through to him.

“They are taking me into a pattern of knowledge that is almost like the beginning of time, like way back in Atlantis. I now have the ability to see auras, not just vertically around your body but horizontally as well. People don’t know about this. It’s brand new.

“We have twenty-one color bands around us in a horizontal pattern and I can take them to all the steps of your past lives according to your chakra patterns, your psychic centers. Then through the seven chakras I can pick up three color bands which are your positive, negative and neutral aspects. Very often I can read your past lives and see in these horizontal auras when you made your earthly exists and for what purpose. This is all brand new! Nobody has been given this information!”

“And you teach this?” I asked.

“Yes and my student are learning how to do it. I’ve got about a hundred and forty students who attend four classes a week. Because we do a lot of work with partnerships I like to keep the classes down to about twenty, but sometimes the demand is just too great.

“I teach them to work with the White Energy that comes directly from God and to become in tune with it. As they become in tune they are able to control it and aid and assist others. That’s what makes them “mediums.” In a group of thirty students, I will have fifteen good mediums.”

“But can anybody learn to be mediums?” I asked.

“Everyone has psychic ability,” he answered. “The degree that you have it depends on circumstances before and while you were being born. The only way to know just how much you have is by practicing and exploring it. But,” he warned, “always work with someone who will be true with you. Work with close friends.”