The battle of “good vs evil,” that humanity has faced in different ways throughout history, is once more out in the open.

Rudolf Steiner wrote that our species has been under attack for many thousands of years by entities who wish to control us and live off our energy parasitically. They try to do this by dimming our soul-awareness and by turning humans into robots.

What does that mean, to turn us into robots?

It means to harden our hearts, and cut off our internal connection to the divine and to our own deepest nature and intelligence. It means to brainwash us into living according to rules and routines, rather than to live fully, with passion, compassion, intelligence and creative responsiveness.

The attack is now once again out in the open where all can see. Around the world, people are on the street, are fighting legal battles, and are fighting information battles online. It is time to take a stand, each of us.

For this, we must build our physical and spiritual strength and resilience.

For Inner Connection:

The two books that I sent out into the world are useful in these times, as they keep that connection aligned and strong. The practices of prayer through the chakras affirm to us who we truly are, get us in touch with our true origin and our true potential.

Just sitting silently each day is also an essential practice, as this discipline allows the brain/ mind a venue within which it can become stronger. Nurturance also comes from reading spiritual books, listening to uplifting music, and enjoying laughter.  

For Bodily Protection:

The spike protein is highly inflammatory; it creates injuries in the tissues of the body and brain. It is, therefore, crucial to use very strong anti-inflammatory foods and supplements, every day.  The spike protein can be transmitted through infection, but also through viral shedding from those who recently accepted a shot. After receiving the shot, the spike proteins are released into the body, where they travel and damage tissue. Depending on where they land in the body, and on the underlying inflammatory predisposition of the body, injuries will result. 

Essential strong anti-inflammatory supplements are:

I have recently begun using C60, together with capsules of resveratrol, ashwagandha, and turmeric. This is a wonderful combination for the heart and spirit as well.

As well, you’ll want to avoid food and environmental influences that cause inflammation. This can be gluten, household and garden chemicals, exposure to electro-magnetic fields, to smart devices and smart meters, etc. 

For Immune Resilience:

To build resilience to the virus, try to get your blood levels of vitamin D3 up to 60 or above. Studies show that persons with high levels have a milder course of illness and are far less likely to need hospitalization.

If you are overweight, immune-suppressed, or if your levels are chronically low, it can take several months of high-dose to increase your blood levels, but it will happen. 5,000 – 15,000 iu a day is not unusal–but you must also take vitamin K2, to protect yourself from possible calcium deposits in the blood vessels.

All across the Internet, you can find the same list of recommended supplements, along with the reasons they are advised.

Basically, these supplements are: Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and K2, Quercetin and Zinc.

For Information and Human Connection:

Substack and Telegram are offering censorship-free discourse. Doctors and others who are being de-platformed elsewhere for opposing the corrupt narrative of the medical authorities are gathering here, but also on Odysee, Rumble, Gab, Brighteon, and elsewhere. It requires more of an effort to keep up with the new developments with this spread of platforms, but that is what we do now. Being informed is so important, and knowing what others are doing–the legal processes, the protests, and the new discoveries pertaining to protection and healing–theses empower us to be unafraid and to make fully informed decisions.

Today, I enjoyed Toby Roger’s free public substack, and at the bottom, he provides links to others who are a “must follow.” This is a good place to start.