We stand at the end of the age. Before us lies devastation–for humanity, for the planet–and beyond that is a new beginning of which we can only begin to have intuitive glimpses.

Atlantis fell, according to the clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, after their genetically altered creations and their energy power systems turned disastrous. After their continent and culture were destroyed, they traveled throughout the world, meeting indigenous peoples and forming new societies and cultures.

Today, these same souls (including you and me) have incarnated with the purpose of growth. We are confronting old ideas, coming to terms with wrong choices, behavior patterns, and moral mistakes.

Much of humanity is enveloped in darkness now as it has become increasingly difficult and complex to discern truth from propaganda. It feels impossible, some days, to see at all clearly through the fog of deception. Yet, we are actually engaged in an unbelievably productive and steep learning cycle as we, each of us in our own ways, confront our moral dilemmas, pay off past karmic debts, and learn to stay connected and focused on our spiritual source.

We might call this time the Collective Night of the Soul. Prayers are ascending. Souls are seeking their deeper truths and knowings. It is a tremendous and new wave of energy that we are building.

It is helpful to remember that each person who is here, regardless their age, or struggles, or suffering, they did agree and choose to be here at this time. It is wonderful to begin to comprehend how our own understanding and maturation is unfolding through these challenges, as we conceive meaningful choices and actions.

If you would like a stabilizing hand to hold as you seek your own answers, seek your soul or spirit’s guidance, or as you reconnect to god or to source, in whichever way you define and experience that connection, please reach out and we’ll see if I can help.

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