Goals and Offerings

Originally, my goal was to share my experiences and ideas via writing, using my teaching and language skills to give the reader access to profound experiences. This is accomplished in my three books, The Lord’s Prayer Meditations; Math by Grace, and The Rose Way Meditation.

I initially did not believe it was my place to teach or to use my psychic-intuitive and healing skills to give one-on-one sessions or group guidance.

That has changed.

Flashback to my reading Michael Newton’s work in 2012. Dr. Newton has a Ph.D. in psychiatry. Initially an atheist, Newton affirmed the soul’s ongoing existence when hundreds of his patients, through hypnotic regression, revealed similar accounts of the afterlife.

Let me repeat: he made these discoveries through hypnosis.

The summer that the Rose Way was published, a school of hypnotherapy opened close to my home. My daughter, inspired by Dr. Newton’s work, signed up. I would have loved to join her, but I thought, with regret, I’m too old to start with this now.

But then, two weeks before class started, my daughter pulled out of her commitment and I stepped in and took her place.

It was perfect. The teacher, Rochelle Jaffe, is outstanding and beloved. Her dedication to spirituality, meditation and healing are right in line with my own.

After my initial ACHE-certification, I continued to intensely study and practice. I discovered that hypnotherapy is a cross-over discipline. Here, we can teach mindfulness and meditation. We can invite deceased loved-ones to appear and converse with the client. We can travel back into childhood and bring healing, strength, courage or rescue to the inner child. We can bring in healing energies, resolve physical health issues, ascend to the heavens, or simply rest and restore at a favorite beach or forest retreat. We can travel into past-lives for healing or to find resources, or travel into future lives for orientation. The possibilities are endless, and having explored them, I now feel that I am able to respond to a client’s questions and issues, whatever they may be. I am ready to step up to the plate and teach, guide and heal.

With Blessings of Light,

Dana Williams