Guided Grounding Meditation


To heal, meditate, change and grow, the connection to the body is key.

Integrative Spiritual Hypnosis

Advanced Trance-Processes to facilitate healing,

create life adjustments,

communicate with guides and deceased loved-ones

end of life karmic resolution

and more.

Advanced Rose Way Meditation

For well-grounded, embodied meditators,

who have taken on the Rose Way Meditation as a regular practice.


Spiritual Life Coaching

Life Coaching using all the tools of trance and meditation,

directed toward spiritual-moral-ethical growth patterns.

Books by Dana Williams

The Lord’s Prayer through the Seven Chakras and the Twelve Life Paths

Rose Way Meditation

Rose Way Meditation Journal

Dana Williams, a sensitive, guide, teacher and healer.

Spiritual life coaching, deep trance and healing work, personalized meditation mentoring.

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