Grounding and Humility

As I explained in my post, “Writings,” I was initially concerned about sharing the Rose Way meditation with the public.

I was concerned that some people, unprepared for the experience, might take harm either by opening too quickly, or by harboring ego-concepts such as, “With the help of this meditation, I am going to become a great healer,” or, “I will now become the psychic I always thought I should be,” or, “I will now make a great impression on people, astonishing them with my abilities.”

This meditation can not be “used,” even if the goal seems lofty. It has to always be approached with utmost humility. To the extent that attempts are made to use it, it will turn around and bite the practitioner.

This is true with all spiritual practices, but especially those that are energetically transformational, and that enhance psychic and healing abilities.

To guide the reader toward a healthy point of departure with this meditation, I emphasized grounding and humility.

According to the feedback I have received, I was successful. Practitioners often tell me they have profound results with the grounding exercises alone, and that they feel humble in their practice of the Rose Way.

I attribute this success to the cooperation between myself, Dr. Michael and my daughter. Each of us offered our own fine-tuning to this message.