Often, those who reach out to me have a chronic illness, and, along with seeking support and guidance spiritually, they are trying to overcome that illness or to improve their overall health status.

I personally went through years of healing Lyme disease, and a handful of other illnesses that commonly accompany Lyme disease, such as neuropathies, brain-fog, asthma, and various infections.

I like to frame my path as “Healing ‘with’ Lyme disease” rather than ‘from’ because I embraced each of my struggles as a soul choice–as my participation, this incarnation, with the common experiences of humanity at this time. I always say, “There’s enough pain go to around, and we each get our little part to carry.” I would find that the willingness to die, or rather, the acceptance that, if unabated, the current infection would lead to death, were important cornerstones on my transformative path and recovery. I truly put myself into God’s hands and said, your will be done.

Unfortunately, our current medical system has many limitations, and many attempts are made with well-intended doctors but with no success.

Here is how what I offer in my session can help:

  • For healing, it is crucial to get in touch with your “well self,” with the person you are without the illness. We can forget our “well self” and unconsciously identify with the illness. Hypnosis facilitates this transition.

  • We can go deeply into the tissue of the body, wherever inflammation is at work, whether in the lungs, the joint, muscles, or brain, and calm the inflammation. We can have a conversation with the body, reminding it of how it feels and functions when fully healthy.

  • We can resolve old emotional injuries, feelings of being stuck in a way of thinking or feeling. Hypnosis allows the brain and the mind to discover its own way of releasing these patterns.

  • These are essential aspects of healing. Dr. Klinghardt who has helped thousands of chronically ill persons recover includes some form of hypnosis therapy as being key to full recovery, as unless we repattern the brain to embody feelings of wellness, the illness will reoccur.

What you need to do:

You have to investigate the concrete conditions of your life that undermine your health. For instance, dust and mold in the building where you live or work. Foods and beverages that cause inflammation. Exercise—key to restoring optimal metabolic function to your cells.

If you are willing to do your part in the “clean-up,” I am happy to offer this work on the spiritual side.

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