Dana Williams studied several spiritual disciplines, but in the course of a busy life, it was the practice of The Lord’s Prayer Meditation through the Seven Chakras and the Twelve Life Paths that became her mainstay. This practice kept her feet soundly on the Path of Light – even when there was little time or energy for other spiritual practices.

With the Lord’s Prayer Meditation, Dana discovered a way to align her etheric body with her physical body and nervous system, to nourish both with circulating healing light, and to bring an impulse of highest, deepest spirit and love into and throughout her being.

With each passing season of life, the powerful prayer-meditation offered new insights and challenges. It never failed to serve as a unifying and uplifting foundation upon which her spiritual and personal maturity could stand.

Over the course of three decades, she sometimes thought she should write up this prayer-meditation, as it seemed to contain so much that was universal to life and humanity, and not unique to herself. She believed the practice belonged in the larger energetic earth field, where others could find it. In that spirit, she published this small book, containing the essential keys to a profound experience.

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