Imagine if you have the scintillating feeling of green heart energy flowing throughout your body and mind, and can feel a calm, cleansing rush of pure life force in every cell. This is an example of the kind of experience that my clients have in spiritual hypnosis. It is a deep sense of coming back to oneself, of remembering who we really are. We get in touch with core-self, the being we are through eternity.

Once we experience our own deep aliveness, we can learn to return to this state and, with gratitude and humility, refer to it as a starting point for meditation, for connection and communication, for being in the present moment–whatever that moment holds.

Our heart energy becomes a “given” that is here for us, and that we can cultivate–though we must never take it for granted. As soon as we take it for granted, we are in an ego-state and have lost the true connection.

Cultivate grounded, embodied self-knowing with heart energy

My teacher Appa used talk about the Culture of the Heart: being in touch with who we really are at the level of the heart does not make us weak or passive but rather gives us strength to be courageous, and to integrate this state of heart energy into all aspects of our life.

Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds–at least, initially. With practice, however it is the only kind of life that makes sense and so, with time, connecting into core-self and heart-self becomes second nature.  Spiritual hypnosis is a fantastic tool on this path as it really brings this state into focus as an embodied experience. Refer to this state as a starting point for meditation, connection to self and others.