Writing Dana’s Books

I’ve heard it said that you get seven great ideas over the span of your lifetime. By the time I was forty, I recognized that I had received two:

1) the Lord’s Prayer Chakra Meditation, and Lord’s Prayer through the 12 Paths of Astrology, and

2) Math By Grace, a meditative approach to teaching a child’s brain the skill of memorization.

For many years, I hoped that I would be able to share these two ideas with a wider public, and when a window of time opened up in 2008-9, I focused on achieving this goal. It took nine months of consistent hard work to write both books. When they were published, I thought that I could rest, and that this was all “Dana Williams” was meant to do.

But in 2012, a family member recommended Michael Newton’s books to me, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. As I read Dr. Newton’s words, I realized that the meditation form I had learned in my late teens from Joe Koperski was in alignment with Dr. Newton’s information. Now a new sense of purpose grew, and I felt an inner urging to write up and share Joe Koperski’s Rose Way Meditation. I dusted off my pseudonym and got busy writing again.

Initially, I struggled with my decision. After all, the Rose Way was my teacher Joe’s, not my own. Did I have permission to share it? Or was this meditation form supposed to die with him? There were other questions, too, philosophical, ethical, and moral questions about sharing an energetic process that profoundly opens the practitioner to psychic-spiritual realms. Throughout human history, these kinds of techniques were reserved for adepts and initiates. Was it irreverent or presumptuous to believe I could just write up Joe’s meditation and publish it for everyone and anyone to find? I was full of doubt.

After writing a few days, I performed the Rose Way meditation and went up to the so-called “White Level.” My mind was filled with the question: Is this my book to write? As I meditated, I entered a dreamlike state and heard voices talking. They were indistinct, the way voices sound in a busy café when you are trying to read a book. Then, I sensed two “persons” speaking close by. One said to the other, “She should consult…” That caught my attention; the words were distinct, as though I was meant to hear them. Then, speaking directly to me, a voice said a name in slow motion: “T-O-D-D M-I-C-H-A-E-L.” I should consult Todd Michael?

I opened my eyes and reached for my laptop. I quickly learned that Todd Michael, M.D., is a published writer of spiritual books, and that he offers book consultations and editing. We connected, and he generously offered his assistance. Coincidentally, my daughter was living at home, taking a semester off college, and she was eager to help as well. It is a wonderful thing to share one’s writing with persons who can give immediate feedback on tone, clarity and organization. With both of their support, my writing progressed smoothly. I wrote consistently many hours every day, and after six months the Rose Way book was born.

Receiving Dr. Michael’s name from Spirit Beings while on the White Level assured me that I was being guided to write this book. (His own best-selling book was based on conversations with angels.) Dr. Michael offered to stand by my side, and he confided that he often felt Joe’s presence as he read through my work. I was also given precious months with my daughter, whose clear and thoughtful mind was able to weed out extraneous information and keep me on track. It was a rare, beautiful and guided experience, and I am awed and humbled to have received it.

On a humorous note, I can share with you here that Dr. Michael would sometimes ask again how I had found him.

“I was given your name in meditation,” I would say. “I guess your angels also do your PR work for you.”

I have to say that this experience was the closest thing to a demonstrable miracle in my life. I’ve had many intuitions, remote viewings, telepathy, healing experiences, extraordinary coincidences and deep urgings that I associate with my spiritual connections and guidance. But while these experiences were very real to me, anyone else could have countered they were my imagination.

This was unique. I heard the name of a real person I had never heard of before, and was advised to consult him.

To me, this shows that when we make ourselves available to fulfill a higher purpose, we receive support and providence, sometimes in astonishing ways. Dr. Michael’s Twelve Conditions of a Miracle were surely being fulfilled in this connection.