Spiritual Hypnotherapy for Soul Evolution

When I trained in hypnotherapy, in 2013, I was fortunate to find a teacher whose background in meditation and spirituality was deep and long. Rochelle Jaffe seamlessly wove mindfulness, meditation and hypnotherapy into one brilliant cloth. 

Only weeks before the course began, I had published The Rose Way Meditation. The catalyst to write it had been two books by Michael Newton, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. In these books, Newton describes the experiences of souls after death and before the next life: a time of rest, restore and renewed goals and intentions that souls experience between incarnations.

Newton bases his descriptions on hundreds of case studies: the detailed experiences of his patients while in hypnosis. Because Newton’s description of the spiritual world is close to that of the Rose Way Meditation, I was inspired to write the book.

Of course, I was now curious about hypnotherapy, the main tool Newton used for his research.

During the training, which was 10 weeks long, I learned that hypnotic trance is a natural state of enhanced mental focus and clarity. I saw how it enables a person to develop states of calm, concentration, and compassionate awareness. Hypnotic trance develops many of the same innate abilities that develop during meditation, (stillness, one-pointedness, energetic field awareness), but it also provides tools for integration and builds the courage needed to process unresolved emotional states (to clear old karmic patterns), and to receive clear insights for the future.

Of course, for all this to be most effective, working with a guide who has a background in meditative states and healing processes is helpful.

What I find particularly useful is that after working with hypnotic states, these same states of calm and focus are more easily available in meditation.

For specific soul healings, spiritual hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool, allowing us to come into the presence of deceased loved ones, to receive insights from guides, or to learn about your journey through past-life or between-life experiences, 

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