Pain Healing

by | Dec 25, 2021

Clearing the Physical-Emotional Connection,

Reducing and Managing the Pain


Pain tends to have an emotional as well as a physical component. 

John E. Sarno MD in his famous studies on back pain, discovered that people who had the same injuries and similar x-rays of deterioration in their joints would have very different experiences of pain. He worked with his patients psychologically, getting at the emotions that were involved in the pain.

Sarno believed that when the mind cannot process emotional pain, the body volunteers to take it on as inflammation and pain. He was able to help thousands of patients, and many thousand more who read his books, by encouraging them to fully acknowledge their emotional pain, thus resolving their physical pain.

Meeting emotional painful can be as difficult as meeting physical pain. This block can be a block in meditation, as well. 

Spiritual-Hypnosis on a meditative basis is highly effective in both meeting and resolving emotional and physical change, and can open the way for meditative development.