Projects and Developments

New Resources

I often receive emails from readers who request more resources, especially recordings of the meditations. Presently, I am working on books in different stages of completion, and on meditation CDs and MP3 downloads. If you would like information about these products and their stage in production, read about them here.


I have been working on a CD and MP3 download for the Lord’s Prayer and the Rose Way Meditation.

A Rose Way Meditation Journal is in progress. It will be produced as a kindle, with directions and suggestions that you can transfer to your written journal.

Several complimentary books are in development to accompany the Rose Way Meditation.

It is quite challenging to write up Joe Koperski’s system of Chaldean Astrology and Numerology. I have to dig deep into my memory.

I hope to one day publish a series of psychic and energy exercises that can be an extraordinary experience  in a group context, especially when the group is led in the Rose Way Meditation to the White Level and beyond. This series would be wonderful both for serious seekers and for those who are curious about paranormal experience and would like to dip their toes into some profound waters.