Dana WilliamRoseWay Cover2 Kindle Icon copys studied the Rose Way meditation with Joe Koperski, a widely recognized psychic and meditation teacher working in Los Angeles in the 1960s and 70s. By practicing the Rose Way meditation, Williams steadily ascended to higher energy states. In time, she developed psychic skills such as the ability to see auras, to sense energy forms, to engage in remote viewing, and to be a channel for healing energies.

When Dana Williams read books by Dr. Michael Newton, Ph.D., about the soul’s existence in the afterlife, she realized that the Rose Way aligns with and corroborates Newton’s discoveries, and that it could be relevant for today’s spiritual seeker. She resolved to devote herself to the writing and publication of her teacher’s life’s work.

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This book offers a very clear, concise summary of exactly how to perform this profound and somewhat advanced form of meditation, including a technique to pass through the “eighth chakra portal” to the “White Level,” a realm that is comparable to Newton’s lower levels of Heaven. In these vantage points, we can sense our spirit self and personal guides, receive renewing energies, and come into higher attunement with Life and our Life’s Purpose.

When we literally pass through our inner “doors of perception” to reach spheres of light and oneness, we experience a fundamental shift in perception of self, purpose, and life itself. This experience is available to those who commit to learn and practice this transformative meditation.