Healing with a Chronic Illness

Often, those who reach out to me have a chronic illness, and, along with seeking support and guidance spiritually, they are trying to overcome that...

8 Billion Souls Gathering for the Great Learning

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The Challenge of the Witness

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Religion can open a door to Spiritual Meditation

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The Darkness of the Pandemic, the Beauty of the Arctic, a Prayer for Survival, a Poem of Realistic Expectations

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What if it were the end of the world. . .

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Today’s Atlantis Challenge

We stand at the end of the age. Before us lies devastation--for humanity, for the planet--and beyond that is a new beginning of which we can only...

Green is the Color of Heart Energy

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Strengthening the Spirit, Body, and Mind as we face Authoritarian Forces

The battle of “good vs evil,” that humanity has faced in different ways throughout history, is once more out in the open. Rudolf Steiner wrote that...

Finding One’s True Self

Recently, I was asked to help a colleague find her true self. What does that mean? My colleague had psychic experiences as a child and young adult....

We stand at the end of the age.

Atlantis fell, according to the clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, after their genetically altered creations and their energy power systems turned disastrous. After their continent and culture were destroyed, they traveled throughout the world, meeting indiginous peoples and forming new societies and cultures.

Today, these same souls (including you and me) have incarnated with the purpose of growth. We are confronting old ideas, coming to terms with wrong choices, behavior patterns, and moral mistakes.

We are enveloped in darkness now as it has become increasingly difficult and complex to discern truth from propaganda. It feels impossible, some days, to see at all clearly through the fog of deception. Yet, we are actually engaged in an unbelievably productive and steep learning cycle as we, each of us in our own ways, confront our moral dilemmas.

It is helpful to remember that each person who is here, regardless their age, or struggles, or suffering, they did agree and choose to be here at this time. It is wonderful to begin to comprehend how our own understanding and maturation is unfolding through these challenges, as we seek meaningful choices and actions.

If you would like a stabilizing hand to hold as you seek your own answers, seek your soul or spirit’s guidance, or as you reconnect to god or to source, in whichever way you define and experience that connection, please reach out and we’ll see if I can help.

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Before we expand the awareness toward the upper chakras, we become grounded in the deep quietude found in the connection to the body – to the very energy of the Creator that resides deep in the body.

Deepen into Stillness

Here we begin to expand our awareness into energy states and resources, and witness the transformation of our “stuck states” (trauma, compressed pain) into fluid energy. We begin to become clear about who we are, why we are here, and continue deepening into quietude.

The RoseWay

Here we work with the structures of the chakra system, develop and strengthen the structures, learn how to expand and open, to ascend, and to bring incredible states back down into the physical system. This ancient meditation practice is guided once a month initially, with the regularly participating students.

The Essence of RoseWay Wisdom

New Release:

The Rose Way Journal:

A Step-by-Step Guide and Chronicle of your experience with the Rose Way Meditation. 




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